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Overtime, I have received many questions asking what kind of equipment do you use. Do I prefer Canon or Nikon? What camera body do you use or want Lens do you use. I don’t mind answering these questions at all!


 I am a Canon girl!  I still would like to add a few things to my collection... ((Life of being a photographer, always something else you need!)

Camera Body-I LOVE my Canon EOS 5D mark III. It completes me. This is one of the best camera bodies that Canon makes! The images are crisp & clear! 


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Lens & other equipment I use

50mm f1:1.8 

85mm 1:8

100mm 2:8 Macro

70-200mm f2.8

24-70 f2.8

Wide angle 

extension tubes 

speed light flash on camera

Einstein 640 studio flash

& more